Steve Zikman
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Testimonial Video (60 secs)

"I want to thank Steve for the outstanding and inspirational keynote address he gave to members of the National Tour Association at our annual convention. I would highly recommend him as a speaker to any organization. In addition to his outstanding presentation, he was also a joy to work with. As a meeting planner, it is always a pleasure to find a speaker who is as responsive as he was."

Lisa Nelson, Director of Research & Education
National Tour Association

"Thank you for providing an inspiring close to our annual AAA Travel Conference. Your presentation served to remind the delegates why they are in the travel business--to expand horizons and fulfill dreams, for themselves and for others. You showed the serious and whimsical sides of travel, and more importantly, you reminded us to be open to the unexpected. Here are a few comments from the attendees: 'Fantastic blend of humor--great way to finish.' 'Steve is stimulating, passionate.' 'Steve Zikman was fantastic. Thank you!' Steve, thank you again, for making our national AAA Travel Conference one of the most successful to date."

Elizabeth Sell, Managing Director
American Automobile Association (AAA)

"I first heard Steve speak at our State Governor's Conference on Tourism. Being in the hotel business for over 20 years I've become a bit ho-hum about the 'dog and pony' speakers at conventions. Steve has a unique approach to identifying trends and patterns in the travel industry. He did not tell me what I should be doing, he asked questions that revealed clearly, and inspired me toward, a new perspective on marketing to today's guest."

Gloria Dippen, Chief Operating Officer
Dippen Companies

"I had the pleasure of hearing Steve Zikman speak at our annual WACVB conference. His presentation was a delightful and fascinating look into the future of travel and the joys of discovery. I came away knowing that whether I'm traveling for business or for pleasure, I will always view each new experience as an adventure, and that even the most accidental of discoveries can be both refreshing and memorable. His shared experiences drive home the importance of allowing yourself to fully enjoy the beauty and diversity of your surroundings, and for those in the tourism business, to help visitors do the same."

Lorna Davis, Tourism Development Director
Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce

"Steve Zikman was a keynote speaker at the Iowa Tourism Conference. It was impressive how quickly he connected with the audience through his own personal travel experiences and selected stories from Chicken Soup for the Traveler's Soul. Steve brings his stories to life with interesting details and a refreshing perspective. Reconnecting audience members with their own passion for travel, he demonstrates how each of us can make a difference in dealing with today's travel challenges. His powerful presentation helped us see our destinations in a different light, reminded us of the treasures that are right in our own backyards, and inspired us to share that with others. Steve's meaningful and moving message will touch the souls of all travel industry professionals."

Nancy Landess, Manager
Iowa Tourism Office

"For an audience that spends their professional life traveling, you gave us a lot to think about. All too often we travel on automatic pilot. We just want to get where were going; the how we get there is now more of a hassle than something to be enjoyed. You rightfully point out that we should stop, take a deep breath, and appreciate our new and ever changing surroundings. Even though the plane is late, the weather is bad, people are in a bad mood - there is always something we can appreciate and be thankful for. If we only just take the time. Another good indicator of how well your thoughts were received was evident by the line of people waiting at the end of the program to buy your book. You hit a nerve! I know I wasn't the only person who left that evening with a new appreciation of what life is and what it can be. I sincerely hope that you departed the evening with the knowledge that your contribution was invaluable, and let me assure you, it was."

Dan Riley, Director of Travel Programs, Korn/Ferry International
Board Secretary, Los Angeles Business Travel Association

"Recently the Ann Arbor Area Convention and Visitors Bureau held our annual Recognition Dinner, honoring outstanding members of the hospitality community and community leaders. Each year, we attempt to tie our evening together with a guest speaker who, not only can relate to the average traveler, but whose stories and insight capture and motivate our distinguished guests. This year we found all those qualities in Steve Zikman. Not only did Steve live up to all our expectations for the evening, he far exceeded them."

Mary Kerr, President & CEO
Ann Arbor Area Convention & Visitors Bureau

"Bring in Steve Zikman, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Traveler's Soul, and everyone will leave with a smile on their face and a story of their own to share. Each one of us left the luncheon empowered to continue our missions, which is fulfilling dreams and creating life-long memories for our guests."

Becky Gruening, Director of Tourism
Des Moines Convention & Visitors Bureau

"I have attended several Tourism Conferences at which Steve Zikman has spoken. I've enjoyed listening to Steve because of the wonderful feeling I get about traveling and the anxious excitement I have to plan my own adventure. Steve puts the romance back into travel. Travel Professionals in particular will benefit from Steve's presentation. Steve helps us recall why we got into this business in the first place. Steve asks us to apply that same passion for travel to our daily jobs. Though it is our livelihood, we can gain new perspective from our own travels, which in turn will help us perform our jobs even better, especially when marketing destinations to visitors who want to experience the same. I strongly recommend Steve Zikman's evocative and inspiring sessions! "

Lynn Kaplan, Travel Development Account Executive

"Steve is a thought-provoking one-man booster club for world travel, persuasively urging all that hear him to stretch our wings and expand our horizons."

Beth McCaffrey, Regional Sales Manager
The Savoy Group

"What a great 'eye-opening' experience it was to listen to your presentation! I was so impressed by the audience who usually, after a very long day and evening, leave the room early. Everybody was pinned to their chairs, from your very first words to your inspiring closing. Your presentation awakened us to start looking at any business trip as an opportunity for adventure (and not merely to get from point A to point B), to think outside the box, to open our eyes and our spirits! As someone who travels extensively on business, I would recommend your presentation to all business travelers. In today's high stress environment, everyone should experience some of your Chicken Soup for the Traveler's Soul."

Sevan Leipziger, Corporate Account Manager
Cathay Pacific Airways

The audience was mesmerized by your every word. The entire group, both men and women traveled along with you for each adventure and experienced each event. When a room becomes that quiet, either you have captured the audience's attention or they have left. We did not leave.

Bobbi Huber, Vice President of Marketing
Bravo Aviation